Diversity & Inclusion

Developing Organisations as Models of Inclusivity

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Large Call to Action Headline

"Creating an inclusive organisation isn't just about performance and ticking boxes; it's about fostering happiness, motivation, and well-being among staff, leading to benefits for all stakeholders." An inclusive environment isn't just about compliance; it fosters a sense of belonging, responsibility and empowerment."

Our programmes help organisations transition from discussing diversity to embedding it into their core values and practices.

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Cultural Competence Workshops

The Coretta Coaching & Consultancy's Cultural Competence Coaching and Mentoring Programme offers a comprehensive approach to cultivating an inclusive organisational culture. Recognising the significance of inclusivity for both organisational success and staff well-being, the programme focuses on fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment within a diverse workforce.

Key Points:

Importance of Inclusivity: The programme emphasises that creating an inclusive organisation is vital for achieving organisational goals and enhancing employee happiness, motivation, and overall well-being. This positive environment subsequently benefits staff, customers, clients and stakeholders.

Specialised Expertise: Coretta Coaching & Consultancy specialises in assisting organisations in becoming culturally competent, ensuring that staff and the community feel valued and actively engage in the organisation's mission and objectives. The programme underscores the importance of respectful and equitable service delivery, taking into account individual lived experiences.

Diversity's Impact on Performance: The programme highlights that diverse teams outperform homogenous ones, making better decisions and achieving superior results. Exploring how diverse teams can enhance performance, innovation, and creative solutions and broaden the talent pool that inclusive organisations cultivate.

Addressing Challenges: While diversity and inclusion are acknowledged concepts, the programme recognises that organisations often struggle to fully integrate and embed these principles. The HR Research Institute's findings indicate that organisations face challenges in maturing diversity and embedding inclusion initiatives.

Comprehensive Approach: Coretta Coaching & Consultancy aids organisations in establishing comprehensive standards, expectations, and organisational direction related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I). The programme assists in crafting or reviewing DE&I strategies, ensuring alignment with legal obligations, and providing guidance on anti-racist strategies.

Anti-Racist Strategy: The programme differentiates between a Diversity and Inclusion strategy and an Anti-Racist strategy. It emphasises that an Anti-Racist strategy addresses racial disparities, discriminatory practices, and power dynamics. Also, raising awareness, promoting equity, respect, and valuing differences, ultimately aligning with the broader DE&I strategy and a Strategic Delivery Plan.

Coretta Coaching & Consultancy's Cultural Competence Coaching and Mentoring Workshops offer organisations a comprehensive framework to foster an inclusive culture. By addressing challenges, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and focusing on anti-racist strategies, the programme aims to empower individuals to create environments where all members feel valued, empowered and able to contribute to achieving shared objectives free from defensiveness, shame, guilt and fear.

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