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I believe that leadership is a cornerstone of every successful journey, individual achievement and accomplishment.

While inherent leadership qualities exist within all of us, the art of leadership is rarely explicitly taught. This often results in individuals unexpectedly assuming leadership roles, navigating uncharted waters, and acquiring knowledge through trial and error.

Such experiences can induce stress, impact confidence and foster a reluctance to take risks. This can be even more acute for ethnic minority leaders due to stereotypes, bias, and cultural expectations. At our core, we specialise in cultivating leadership within ethnic minority communities.

I offer guidance and insights to empower individuals to lead confidently, minimise errors, and embrace calculated risks.

"Great leaders are the product of their environment, their ability to build relationships, learn from mistakes and quickly adapt. Unfortunately, many great leaders go undiscovered and unnoticed due to limiting self-belief, humility and lack of opportunity. Most only need the right environment, the right encouragement, someone to believe in them and education."


"When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Appears"

Lao Tzu


Coretta Coaching & Consultancy has a dual-fold mission encompassing specialised support to elevate leaders, mainly focusing on ethnic minority leaders who have encountered workplace discrimination and racism that hinders their mindset, well-being and career progression. We also support organisations to become culturally competent, promoting a workplace atmosphere where Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity are integral components of the company DNA.



"Empowering individuals, leaders, and organisations. Coretta Coaching & Consultancy ignites a transformative journey towards mastery. With unwavering passion, we pave the way for a world where inclusivity thrives, unlocking every individual's true potential and illuminating their unique brilliance."



At Coretta Coaching & Consultancy, our mission is to cultivate exceptional leadership and empower organisations with unwavering Cultural Competence. We achieve this by crafting personalised training solutions and immersive workshops that foster a secure and non-judgmental environment. Through these transformative experiences, we guide leaders and teams to explore, embrace, and elevate diversity and inclusion, driving them towards a future of excellence and inclusivity.

Leadership Workshops Coaching and Mentoring

Group, Team and 1:1 coaching and mentoring, providing higher levels of support and customised sessions, which improves communication, leadership, interpersonal skills and achieving team goals, effectively and efficiently through challenging and uncertain times, enhancing communication and cohesion.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Consultancy

Independent and unbiased expertise concerning Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, such as creating an inclusive workplace, D&I strategy, facilitation, workshops, staff networks and alley programmes. Providing a safe space for open conversation, allowing taboo subjects to be discussed free from judgment, criticism and defensiveness.

Motivational Speaker

Welcome to an inspiring journey. I am passionate about unlocking true potential, igniting deep thought, and guiding individuals to success. With a knack for engaging both large and small crowds, I tailor each message to resonate profoundly with every audience.

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